The First Time

It’s a pitch black night


the lights have all died

and I’m creeping in.


Lovesick and tired,

But awake in my mind

My hearts beating fast

For the very first time.


You touch and I shiver

my words turn to whimper


I unravel inside


And suddenly,

it’s not just the lights

That have died.



You didn’t explode into my world

like colourful sparks of light.

More like, cannonballed at full speed.

And knocked out all my fight.


And though you couldn’t brighten up my dark corners

Because they were already bright.

you made yourself at home in my heart

where I welcome you each night,


there is so much I love about you

so much more that I can say. Like,

Your goofy smile and, pretty eyes

That I could look at everyday.


How your passion’s not just for existing

Though it’s rarely ever seen.

It lies in art and, stars, and stories

And everything in between.

I realise now,


I don’t want someone with no faith

Someone who thinks they’re flawed

I need someone like you around.

Who refuses to be awed.