Fifty Shades of Why: A Student’s Absurd Journey Into the World of Fifty Shades of Grey (Part 3)

I did it! I watched the film. Well, to be more accurate I watched 23 minutes of the film and then had to stop because I just couldn’t handle it. On the bright side officially what I have seen of the film now surpasses what I have read of the book, don’t know if that’s a good thing.

Anyhoo, after making it not even a half hour in, I moved to unplug my TV and ignore Fifty Shades’ existence for the preceding three days. I took me really mulling over what I’d seen before I could bring myself to watch it in its entirety.

I mean it’s still not a great story, but to the film’s credit, it is a lot better than the books. For one thing, the colour grading is phenomenal, and it is shot really well. Like the super high angle shot of Christian’s office building with little Anastasia barely taking up the bottom corner of the frame was absolutely breathtaking. Also Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan while initially lacking a little in chemistry both turn out surprisingly good performances and work quite nicely together. Johnson’s performance was especially worthy of praise, seeing as Anastasia is as dull as fucking ditch water. Yeah. Not a lot to work with for her.

Don’t get me wrong the story is still questionable and the dialogue is a bit cringe in places, as is the acting, ahem, the scene with the toast. But I was thoroughly surprised by the film version and how…not shit it was as a film and as an adaptation, so far, because I’m still on chapter four! it seems pretty solid.

Now that I have straddled this initial hurdle, the real fun begins as I play the electronic archaeologist, sifting through the decades-deep backlog of journal articles and books. I truly am about to step into the breach


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