Saying Goodbye

Pack away your life.


19 years of memories

put it all into crates and boxes,

Tuck it between the pages of books

The hidden sections of your backpack,

Into glass jars, and bottles

The oversized hoody you stole from your boyfriend,

and always promised to give back,

that one pocket of your jeans which was always too small.


Anywhere there is space just pack it away.

Anywhere at all


All the things you know you’ll need

And even the things you probably won’t.

Because there may come a time when you do in fact need

100 rubber bands.


You’re going to a prison after all,

With small white rooms lined up in a row,

Where the colourful inmates you see from afar

Are as insane and in debt as you are.

It will be scary at first but,

As the months go on

You’ll face the day with a grin.


Until the day comes,

That you pack away again.


Having put your life into picture frames, phone cases, captions on the internet.

Having, contained your love within voice messages, paper chains, lipstick stains

And anything else that is capable of staying forever.

Let the people who don’t understand wonder why.


You may pack away, but you’ll never say goodbye.


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